The boys, the boys film, riprese, ciackù


Davide Ferrario’s film with Neri Marcorè, Marco Paolini, Giovanni Storti and Giorgio Tirabassi opened the sixty-seventh edition of the Taormina Film Fest 2020. “The Boys” tells the story of four musicians: Joe, Carlo, Bobo and Giacomo, members of the “vintage” rock band called “The Boys”, which in the 70s had success before returning to “normal” life. After many years, the four long-time friends will have again the opportunity to relive the passion for music and to rediscover the meaning of their friendship.
The music composed by Mauro Pagani, founder of PFM, was recorded by the EFFE string quartet and evokes the musical atmospheres of rock lovers.
For the occasion, the Effe string quartet also participated some scenes with the protagonists of the film. In the cast, in fact, with Neri Marcorè, Marco Paolini, Giovanni, Giorgio Tirabassi, also Paolo Giangrasso, Saba Anglana, Giorgia Wurth, Linda Messerklinger, Zoe Tavarelli, Francesca Olia, Luca De Stasio, Isabel Russinova and Mariella Valentini
Produced by Lumière Film with Rai Cinema, it has been distributed since 1 July by Adler Entertainment.