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International Event, Concert & Wedding String Quartet
Quartetto Effe is an italian female string quartet, specialized in performing from fine Classic to Pop and Rock music for Events, private Party, Concerts and Show on big stages!

The Effe String Quartet offers a powerful live show featuring the most beautiful movie soundtracks, trendy pop hits and energetic rock numbers, combined into a diverse, dynamic and engaging show. The high versatility of the musicians revolutions the modern concept of the string quartet, featuring a captivating and energetic sound.
The Effe “experience” sees a diversified musical offer and a high performance show that surprises the audience and captures their attention.
Whether it is a public event or a private party, a musical season or a festival in a large square, a concert hall or a challenging stage, the Effe create a truly unique show!

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0a year!


  • Effe String Quartet Show: (best hits and evergreen with backing tracks/drummer)
  • Effe Orignal Texture: (from classic music and soundtracks to pop and rock music + backing tracks/drummer)
  • Effe acustic version


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