Christian Milone, Andrea Ribaldone,, diego rossi

“Add a seat to the table”…. The Effe string quartet for the 10 years of “Nemo Clinical Center”

Many realities have contributed to the third edition of the gala dinner ‘ Add a seat to the table ‘, an event sponsored by the Clinical Nemo Center in Milan, in November 24 in the South Gallery of the Niguarda hospital.

Not an evening whatsoever, but an opportunity to turn the spotlight on a complex problem: the dysphagia.

The aim of the project is to raise public awareness of the importance of taking care of the nutritional aspects of those who live with these pathologies and for this reason the Nemo Clinical Center has “enlisted” famous chefs to indicate the way, revisiting Recipes designed made with special ingredients to propose an optimal consistency for patients with neuromuscular diseases, without losing taste and refinement.

Ten are the chefs who have joined the initiative, as 10 are the years of life of the Multidisciplinary Center for Neuromuscular Diseases: Andrea Ribaldone , Christian Milone (a Michelin star); Diego Rossi; Eugenio Boer: Eugenio Roncoroni; Franco Aliberti ; Matteo Monti; Misha Sukyas; Paco Magri; Paolo LoPriore. The Club of the cooker of Rivalta, Roberta Lamberti and Gianni Cocco will also take part in the event.