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Environment, sound and taste for the 20 years of heating in Monza.

Environment, sound and taste for the 20 years of remote heating in Monza. The celebration of the
20 years of the Monza Nord heating system has been marked by all that beautiful and good exists
on its territory: taste, music, sounds and of course environment.
The heating festival, which took place on Sunday, June 9th at the Monza Nord power station in
Acsm Agam in Monza, combined the celebration of 20 years of a clean and sustainable heating
energy system. A real celebration, which has been able to entertain those present while keeping on
the theme of “beautiful”: the beauty of the music and its harmonious sounds, the beauty of the
environment with its varieties and its sustainability, the beauty of food and the typical flavors of
Lombard cuisine. In fact, the performance of the Effe Quartet, an all-female string group composed
of four young musicians who, within their performances, alternate classical music with soundtracks
and they wore the colourful tunics of the emerging fashion designer Roberto Novarese for the event.
The melodious sound of the strings moved from the stage to the point where, in front of the factory,
a flowering pomegranate was planted, a symbol for commemorate the day and the importance of the
celebrated anniversary.

The Effe string quarted played for the whole celebration, as if it were a
nourishment for the plant, a sweet and melodious warning to growth: not only of pomegranate, but
of the whole structure and teleheating. A wish for many more anniversaries like this to be celebrated
in the future, with an extension of clean and sustainable energy even beyond the territory of Monza

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