Giada Russo

Annual Prize – Giving 2018 – CONI PIEMONTE

On the 1st of March, in the presence of all the highest positions of the Piedmontese sport and the political charges, was held the inauguration ceremony of the 2018 Piedmont Sport year organized by Coni Piemonte at the Teatro Regio in Turin accompanied by the music of the Effe String Quartett and by the splendid voice of Francesca Pasini.

Special Guest, the president of the national CONI Giovanni Malagò, who praised the sporting initiatives of the whole Piedmont territory and remembered the good results obtained at the
recent Winter Olympics in Korea, in which was Protagonist one of the award-winning athletes, with the title of Athlete of the Year, Giada Russo, future heir of Carolina.

The “Sport of the Year” award was awarded to Giuseppe Marotta, Director General and CEO Juventus FC. To do the honors of the President of the Piedmont Coni, Gianfranco Porqueddu, that in front of a large and qualified audience has drawn the balance of the profitable activity of the Piedmont Coni of 2017, where there have been excellences that have achieved success in the field National and International.

Here is what the secretariat of the Regional Committee Piedmont of CONI expressed on the event recently passed, and in particular, talking about the performance of the Quartet:
“……. This year the ceremonial awards was accompained by the music of the Effe String Quartet, that with professionalism, elegance and competence, have enriched the event and cheered the prestigious parterre present in the hall.
“I am very pleased with the choice ” declares the president of the Piedmont CONI Gianfranco Parry, “The perfect synchrony immediately found with the organizational staff and the punctual with respect to the planned programming, has allowed us to enrich This important ceremony found great satisfaction from the authorities intervened”.